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What is Pay Per Click Services?

Google AdWords, also known as Paid Search, is an online marketing activity that involves paying when someone clicks on your advert on a Search Engine, usually through a bidding process where you set the price that you are willing to pay for particular keywords relevant to your business.

Pay Per Click Services

Dedicated and Experts

Our dedicated team of PPC experts in pay per click marketing has served websites for Adwords services of all kinds of businesses – small or large.

Customer Relationship

We maintain healthy relationship crucial to the growth of the company with our clients. End-to-End Custom Dedicated Pay Per Click services.

Extremely Affordable

Our services are provided at very affordable prices.We’ll exceed your expectations with a streamlined process with research and analysis.

Choose Your Pay per click PLAN

Pick a program from our Pay Per Click Services that best fits your budget. 




Ideal for Spend Upto $2,000

Account Setup

Ad Type Analysis

Bidding & Budget Suggestions

Monthly Consulting - Phone + Email Support




Ideal for Spend Upto $10,000

Account Setup

Ad Type Analysis

Bidding & Budget Suggestions

Weekly Consulting - Phone + Email Support




Ideal for Spend Upto $50,000

Account Setup

Ad Type Analysis

Bidding & Budget Suggestions

Designated & Daily Consulting - Phone + Email Support

Our PPC team has expertise in the full range of PPC solutions with assured RPO with our Pay Per Click Services, including –

  • AdRoll
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Local Service Ads
  • Google Maps PPC
  • Google Shopping
Eugene and his team are the best in the business, hands down! From customer service to quality work, I couldn’t ask for more from an SEO company. They have generated tremendous results for my firm.
Hilary Leigh
Moving Company LLC
The Uplift Business team has been great to work with! A big thank you to Robert on the social media team who has really enhanced our presence on social media!
Hall Read
CDW Consulting
This company has changed my business for ever. They took my company to the next level and I am very thankful for it. I would recommend them to anybody who owns a company who wants to grow or maintain.
Quintin Angus
Walkin Cooler Repair NYC
These guys were really great. Consistent daily communication and access to their engineers & SEO experts. They did a nice job on the website design too. You can ping them anytime of day and they answer the phone. Made some nice videos & graphics to post on twitter and instagram, facebook. Still working with them...
Jennifer Grant
Law Firm

When you choose the Right Pay Per click marketing agency for Pay Per Click Services you got it right!

At Uplift Bussiness Pay Per Click Services are 100 % transparent, streamlined with updated and proven research and analysis.

In Pay Per Click Services we Emphasise on –

A) Display adverting.
B) Social Media adverting.
C) Search engine adverting.
D) Remarketing.
E) Google shop Ads.
F) Mobile adverting.
G) Landing page optimization and adverting.
H) Website centric keyword analysis and selection.
I) Bid management, tacking, Ad creation, conversion, Monitoring, Reporting.

Get in touch for a free analysis and consultation and get a guaranteed Uplift in your Business!

With pay per click marketing, you will only get the set prospect on your website as we sketch the campaign in such as way that not even a dime is wasted and we deliver the best ROI for your website in record time. We have worked with a client who got their hand’s burnet and common mistakes, which are done by unprofessional-

Lack of innovation and research leading to copied Ad’s.
Lack of synchronization with landing pages.
Choosing the wrong breadth of keywords.
They target very generic keywords increasing the CPC (Cost per click).

Lack of permutation and combination leading into a loss of big chunk $.
Attention to detail goes missing leading to irrelevant clicks.

Request a free analysis and consultation and get a guaranteed Uplift in your Business!